Crystal depends on strict studio system that guarantees uniqueness. It deals with printings and objects as arts; it pays attention to the smallest details in. Crystal creatives introduce their visions through their senses, imaginations and experiences acquired from ongoing trainings and workshops. All Crystal designs are subject to international standards in which it balances between the creative ideas and local environment.


    > Branding

    > Design the identity and its applications

    > Design printings

    > Decorations

    > Designing building models

    > Interior Design

    > Designing exhibitions’ pavilions

    > Designing 3D products


    Printing is our passion at Crystal. We pay attention to the details and we highlight the aesthetics. We offer technical specifications can’t be found anywhere. We do all the printing and paper production stages under one ceil. Crystal produces printings in all sizes, and executes all forms and designs, in addition to the artistic effects. Crystal provides a complete demo for the item to be printed before implementation.


    > Magazines

    > Books

    > Booklets

    > Catalogues

    > Brochures

    > Flyers

    > Posters

    > Coupons

    > Tickets

    > Envelopes

    > Diary

    > Calendars

    > Cards

    > Envelopes


    At Crystal we invent new and unique packing and packaging techniques for products of all sizes. Crystal performs any 3D design for boxes, packets, and envelopes. It also presents practical and attractive conceptions for these products. Crystal capacities enable it it to use the transparent covers, wires and other materials, in the packet. It, moreover, allows implementing a variety of structures for packets with bends, special designs and any artistic shape or effect, besides innovative and easy ways to open and close.


    > Various options for packing

    > and packaging:

    > Paper Boxes

    > Paper Bags

    > Paper Envelopes

    > Paper Folders

    > Files


    Crystal provides a wide variety of promotional materials and products, and the printing on, whether they were plastic, acrylic, calico, rexine, canvas, velvet, flex, wood or glass. Crystal can provide customers with special options, in cooperation with overseas   manufacturers.


    > Certificates cover (leather and velvet)

    > Car stickers

    > Trophies

    > CDs

    > Flash Memories

    > Plastic and Metallic Badges

    > Pens

    > Caps

    > Cups

    > Key Holders

    > T-Shirts

    > Clothes

    > Car Shades

    > Wallets

    > Bags


    Crystal provides distinguished services in organizing exhibitions, conferences and other events to form one bundle with printing, marketing and public relation services. We move on from designing a special identity of the event to designing pavilions and exhibition stages, built on the event’s concept and its objectives. Crystal use 3D system to present conceptions for the pavilions and stages before execution. It is not restricted to the design, however, it accomplishes the artistic work using a various group of material depending on the design, whether glass, acrylic, iron, aluminum, or the different kinds of lightning. Crystal does not stop at the level of designing and implementing services, however, it offers media and printing services related to the exhibition or conference.


    > Creating a special identity to the event (a concept)

    > Designing and implementing stages & booths

    > Photography

    > Videography and montage

    > Designing animated presentations

    > Designing and printing media and welcome boards (posters, banners and roll-up)

    > Designing and printing invitation cards

    > Designing and printing application forms

    > Designing and printing badges

    > Managing live streaming and providing display screens

    > Organizing and managing conferences (booking the hall, sending invitations, media coverage, organizing registration, supervising décor, writing speeches, preparing programs, presenting and supervising hospitality).


    At Crystal, we add magnificent touches to the execution and installation of all types of banners, including shop signboards with its various forms; banners, stickers, and outdoor ads.


    > Signboards

    > Banners (printed on Flex)

    > Roll-up

    > Posters & Stickers

    > One-way-vision posters

    > Outdoor ads

    > lamp post, billboards & scaffoldings


    As it falls in the needs of most of its customers, even before designing, printing and production, Crystal introduces marketing and public relation services. It deploys its deep expertise in Bahrain and Gulf market, besides its ability to organize and frame these experiences into successful media campaigns, according to what suits the needs of each institution. We help the customers to address their audience; we formulate their marketing messages, whether it is an ad, profile, magazine, brochure, catalogue or any other media, informational or business material.


    > Planning, performing and managing the media and marketing campaigns

    > Editing media, informatics or business materials

    > Inventing special marketing and media channels (according to the product type)

    > Preparing and editing the marketing content on the linguistic and visual levels

    > Producing printed, video and animated ads

    > Reserving advertising spaces (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and outdoor ads)

    > Designing and developing websites

    > Media solutions and consultations


    With its high performance film equipment, of advanced digital cameras, lenses, tools, lighting, and sound devices, along with specialized film makers who carry out writing the scripts, videotaping and montage, Crystal presents its works in producing documentaries, commercial ads,  and covering the events and conferences.


    > Writing and producing promotional films and documentaries

    > Videography and montage

    > Cinema tricks

    > Animation

    > Cartoon Films

    > Writing ideas for and recording commercial and awareness ads

    > Preparing and recording reportages


    With the advanced techniques and huge equipment it owns, Crystal can utilize the digital printing in marketing products with equal resolution to that of offset, for low commercial quantities.


    > Photocopying and binding books, booklets, and handouts

    > Scanning

    > Printing maps

    > All types of office services

    > Stationary