In 1999, Sayed Hassan decided to take the risk, and found a competitive venture to the company he was working for, so he established Crystal Center for photocopy services, using Digital Printing machines. He was to invest a profound expertise he gained from working at one of the printing giants, who was the agent of the most famous copy machine manufacturers in the world.


All see Crystal a rising entrepreneurship, at Bahraini hands.  Crystal’s name gained fame across Bahrain and it could reach major customers, including the University of Bahrain, Bahrain Training Institute and Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance. In 2004, the productivity was doubled through new (Xerox) machines. The first machine that prints on maps operated in the center as well.


Crystal entrepreneur professed printing; he was passionate about paper.


2007 marked a turning point. Within an already planned goal since its establishment and under an ambitious administration, Crystal entered the offset printing world. It launched its first printing press in a private production facility with German (Heidelberg) machines; the most prestigious manufacturer in the world. Within years, production operations highly increased in Crystal Press.


For embracing a long-term strategic vision, Crystal path witnessed important turning points. In 2009, it launched Crystal Office for Advertising and Promoting, which was specialized in graphic design. In 2015, the office’s rebranded to °180, and it started providing interior design services, in addition to designing and executing 3D objects, including booths and stages for exhibitions, and decorating services. Among its new identity, °180 also provided marketing services, public relations and digital media.


Crystal established, later on, in 2009, Al-Jood Center for Special Printing with banners machine, maps printing machine, thermal printing, and others.


In 2010, Crystal started its expansion plan to develop a new and integrated production line with a capacity that reaches 2 million colored printed pages per day in 200 dpi, and with an advanced technology to produce different paper products. Developing the new site of the press and the other productions lines started in 2010 in Tubli industrial area, west of Manama.


2014 witnessed a major change in Crystal’s journey, after it launched the operations in the new site with integrated production facilities that occupy over 7000 m2 area. This new production line has become the most modern facility of printing arts and techniques in Kingdom of Bahrain.


2015 Crystal appeared with new identity

Crystal today is an organization that works to improve its capacity to meet the customer needs, in printing, marketing and advertising, adopting a unique business model in Bahrain, that gathers under one ceil, bundles of services and products, on paper and electronic mediums, besides wooden works and their 3D designs.


Throughout a full-of-challenges timeline, Crystal moved up the ladder until it has become a significant firm in the world of printing and marketing in Kingdom of Bahrain.


Along with a very hard work team, growing every day, Sayed Hassan leads crystal to a new era.