Via running the modern offset printing machine in Crystal Press, and passing the papers through, tens thousands of printed copies become ready within few hours. Crystal machines copy the most precise details of the printing layout, while maintaining all its aesthetics. The cutting, folding and packaging machines, along with the effects tools, do all the post-printing works to put the last touches. The final prints are issued with an outstanding touch and fascinating look. Looking through Crystal’s publications gives a direct impression of its solid and perfect production.

The production lines in Crystal factory supports the press works. Besides widening the printing capabilities and production, the factory provides a unique diversified range of printed paper products from notebooks, stationery,    bags, boxes, envelopes, folders, in addition to different packing and packaging materials. At Crystal, manufacturing meets with the art, in a paper product of muti purpose.

Deep in the 3rd dimension, 180° presents a bold art with a global touch. 180°  is not a classic adv. agency; through its “Upside Down” logo, 180° dares to present what is different, on the level of ideas, and production materials. 180°  presents superior services in the graphic design, and is proud of its distinction in the 3D design, such as decoration, stages, exhibitions’ pavilions, booths, and gates. 180°  also works on organizing, implementing and managing the marketing and advertising campaigns, whether printed, digital or in a video form. This includes preparing and editing the content linguistically and visually.

We are still providing all photocopy and digital printing services to individuals and establishments at our first shop in Jid Ali street. In addition to the students’ services, Crystal Center provides copying and scanning services, printing maps and best stationary.

In Al-Jood center, a branch of Crystal group, we offer all kinds of office services. We make thermal printing on different promoting materials, whether textile, leather, plastic, acrylic or even metal. We also print banners, 2D and 3D signboards, and we do art works on foam boards, and cardboards.